Thursday, July 28, 2011

week 4!! you're fired! (like donald trump)

July 25th, 2011

hello dearest family! how's everybody doing?? mom, you have me a little worried when you said there's a lot going on and didn't write me back. so what's the deal??

when does aunt jen get here?? are you guys going camping this week? i hope so! dad NEEDS to scout for his hunt!!!! 

oh man it's been a pretty crazy weekend. so i got released as district leader after only one week. yes it was an honorable release ha ha.  now me and elder heaps are the zone leaders....yep the zone leaders...we have 3 other districts other than our own and we get a new one on wednesday. so it's pretty cool. i don't know why it's us and not another set of elders. it's very humbling that the Lord trusts me enough to serve the rest of the zone. It's a lot of responsibility and kind of overwhelming but i'm excited to do it and i'm excited to help the zone. it was really surprising because there is still a district older than us here and the zone leaders usually come from the oldest district so it was surprising. 

i don't know if i told you but my branch president owns kneaders!! he is...intimidating....when he says jump you don't ask how high you just jump! but i love him. his name is president gary worthington and he lives in lindon. our counselors are brother brady from orem and brother sitterud from highland. they are good leaders! i've learned a lot from president worthington. he knows his way around the church! so yep. 

today at 3am one of our districts left for argentina :( it's sad to see them go. you create friends so quickly here! i love them and then our roommates/zone leaders left this morning at 1130. that was really hard! so hopefully our new roommates are as cool as they are!

ok, so you asked about the food here. so it's just a cafeteria! i don't know how else to explain it. it's the same food that they serve at the byu cafeteria, but the quality isn't as good. it has it's days. some are good, some....ya. but i'm thankful for everyone who prepares it and helps cause it's a huge job!

what has everyone been up to? i sent a letter today. how's my blog looking? really classy????? i hope so cause i'm a classy guy.

so i guess i'll share an experience with everyone. so the other day one of the elders in my district came up to me with tears in his eyes and asked me if i'd give him a blessing. i told him that ya we could do that. so i went into my room for a second to ponder the situation. i know that him and his companion had been having some personality clashes here and there and he was down on himself cause of the Spanish. as i was pondering what to do i had the feeling that i should have his companion administer the blessing and i could just stand in. so we went into their room and i asked if his companion would do it. so we put our hands on his head and his companion started the blessing. i can't even describe the feeling that i felt during that blessing. my face was literally burning. i didn't feel warmth, it was heat. it was such a special experience for all three of us. i am so thankful for the spirit that was there. Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us. and i know that!

i saw alex yesterday!!! it sucks because we are on different schedules so i'll never really see him. but i had to go to dinner early because of a zone leader meeting and i saw him! he looked good! i think his first week was hard too. i wish i could've talked to him more! hopefully i'll see him soon. he is only here for three weeks so not much time!

feel free to send me pictures of any fun outings! i miss you guys and love you!! i hope everyone is doing well. tell cory and brad that they better write me soon!!!! and tell brad that my bathroom was a present to him :) ha ha

so have you started on my room yet?? i hope not. just leave it the same for two years. oh and pack my bedspread! i want that after my mish.

well things are going well. i love you guys so much! i'm happy! this is worth it! i've already been out a month! that's crazy!!! when i leave the mtc i will be 1/12 of the way done. 2 months after that i'll be 1/6 of the way done. that's crazy!!!!! time flies. i'll be home before you know it!!

did you guys see harry potter?? you better have. the day i realized it came out i cried a big deal! ha ha i love you guys!! i expect some info this week!!!

ps it's all good :)

Love Matthew Judson Daley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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