Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 3

hola familia!!! 
como estan? so another week has gone by! can you believe i've been gone 3 
weeks? i can haha it seems like i've been here forever! the days just blend 
together a little bit! 
so i guess i'll start out with some news. yesterday i got asked to be the district 
leader for our district. so that's pretty cool! now i get to be santa claus and 
give all the children their mail! 
hmmm...what to say next. 
so half of our district is leaving for the guatamalan MTC tomorrow. it'll be sad 
to see them go but i'm pumped for them! i'm kind of jealous that they get to go 
and be in their mission though! so we will only have 6 people in our district. all 
going to new york! 
i talked to brother eliason and he said it was fun visiting with everyone! how is 
everyone doing? i hope good! 
did cory return our trailer in one piece??? i sure hope so! (what were you 
thinking dad? ;) ) 
so how often are you tending lukey now? i miss him so much!!!!!!!! i printed 
pictures off of my camera and i have a couple of me and him. he is the best. is 
he turning into a little man already? he'll be starting kindergarten when i get 
so i have been thinking a lot about Brady Jensen lately. i wonder where he 
would've gotten called. he was such a great example to me. he used to kick 
me in the shin whenever i would say something i shouldn't have. he was like my 
jiminey cricket! i like to think that he is here with me! 
i've been thinking about the scripture D&C 6:36 lately too. "look unto me in every 
thought, doubt not, fear not." i love that one! my seminary teacher, Brother 
Mortensen used to say that scripture everyday. it's so comforting to know that 
God can see the whole plan, and if we look to him without doubt he will strengthen 
right now i am battling a little bit of a cold, and yes i am taking my vitamin c 
everyday. also my back has really started to hurt the past week. worse than before. 
any advice mom?
what has everyone been up to? i feel so out of the loop. tell bradley and cory to write 
me a letter! grandma said that aunt jenny and her family are coming soon! i'm sad 
that i won't get to see them. 
Oh. well i would like to let everyone know that i have set the record for most 
packages received in one day, at 3!!! so ya i'm pretty popular. i've been 
rubbing it in! so let's try and get a 4 package day!!!! oh ya. Mail truly is like 
christmas here. your whole week basically evolves around getting mail. so 
keep it coming! i'm still waiting for my letter from ben.... so if anyone sees 
him kick his butt! 
i have a request, send me a dear elder with a list of questions you want 
answered/have so that email time is easier!! that goes for anyone! 
mom, you asked how they teach us spanish. well the first week we didn't have a 
spanish teacher really, only a gospel teacher who only spoke spanish! her name 
is hermana sandoval and she is from colombia! she's the greatest. turns out she 
speaks english as good as me haha. she kept it a secret until one day she just 
started speaking in english and our jaws hit the floor. we literally laughed for 30 
but back to the question, they teach us a different verb conjugation like everyday. 
i don't know how to explain it. similar to school but you learn so much faster!!!
you'll be glad to know that hermano baron isn't our teacher anymore. we now have 
hermano bielamovicz! (bee-la-mov-ich). it's a polish name, i'm so glad i didn't 
crack my polish jokes!!! haha. but i LOVE him!!!!! he is very disciplined but you 
can tell he really cares about being here! he's in the marines but he relaxes after 
a while! 
well i love you family. mommy your last package was perfect!!! next time let's 
make the dew's 20 oz or cans :) 
i love you guys!!! 
dad go fishing. take rachel and luke! 
i love you guys!!!!!   
love, Elder Matthew Judson Daley!!!!!!!  

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