Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week Two

Hola Familia!

How is everyone doing?? Life in the MTC goes on...I sent a letter today so you should be getting that here in a day or two. This week went by a lot faster and was a lot better than the last week.

But, I'll start out by sharing another story about my bodily functions. So for the past like 5 or 6 days I have woken up and had the BIGGEST "toot" in the world at exactly 620.It literally woke up everyone in the room. Ya, I'm a bit of a legend ;) I hope that makes everyone proud, especially Mom and Rachel ;)

So, I have some requests: I need a tennis ball, and a mt. dew, dr. pepper, and a hole punch.

I am going crazy in here without SportsCenter. What is going on in the real world???

I haven't heard any of the honks yet, but keep honking every time! We'll get one! I miss everyone. I got Dear Elders from Megan and Lisa and Ben and letters from everyone else. Mail is the greatest thing in the world. It's like Christmas every time! Keep it coming!!!!

Megan: thank you so much for doing the blog and everything!!! How is Lukey?? I miss that kid. He better be on the first tape recording I get! How is Jared doing?

So my everyday life is basically the same. pray a million times, study a lot, sit in class 6 hours a day, and teach. We have to teach in all Spanish and it is not easy! I wish I knew more. But it will come with time! Our zone leaders left this morning to their missions, and now me roommates are the zone leaders. Elder Mark Daniel & Jordan Rapp. They are super funny guys! It's fun.

I'm glad to hear that mom is doing good! Oh and everyone loved that popcorn stuff you sent mom!!! I mean everyone! It was super delicious.

So I hear that Rachel came over and finished downloading my pictures. That makes me happy! Make sure you guys keep in contact, mmmk?

Cory, I am still waiting for some form on communication. And Bradley too! Has he moved into my room yet? How is my room?

Email time is so short, ugh! I don't know what else to talk about really. Oh, tell Grandma and Grandpa that the key for the lawn mower should be on the work bench, that's where I left it!

So yesterday we had a Brother Heaton speak at a fireside. It was really good. He talked about the joys that come from daily repentance. He said that repentance always has a negative association with it but in reality it is a very positive thing!! We are turning away from sin and back towards out Heavenly Father. And how true it is! Repentance is amazing. I encourage everyone to exercise repentance, it brings such happiness.

I love everyone and I miss you! This is the Lord's work. I'll be sending some pictures home later this week or next week so be excited! I'm ROCKING the comb over. I make it look good. Just think, in like 3 months I'll be baptizing Donald Trump!! Ya baby!

Well, I'm running our of time and words...send me questions you want me to answer! I love you guys! Stay true! Heavenly Father is blessing us more than we can even imagine right now! And it will keep coming. Pray for me! I'm praying for you. Everyday. you really learn what it means to pray here! I can't believe how many times a day I pray! I think the reason we distance ourselves from our families is because we have our Heavenly Father, and these 2 years are about strengthening that family relationship! It's gonna go by so quick!

We are going to Tucanos the day I get back ok? So start saving up!

I love you!!!!!!!

Elder Matthew Judson Daley!!!!!!!!!

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