Monday, October 17, 2011

October 3, 2011

Hey family!

So, I didn't get an email cause you guys are hunting but Megan told me you had quite the experience!! I want to hear all about it! I hope everyone and everything is ok though! I got the package Mom. Thanks, it was great!

So 2 of the biggest spiders I have ever seen in my life have been in New York! Last week we were knocking on a door and Elder Parker had a HUGE grey and white spider crawling up his sleeve towards his neck!! So having spent 19 years of my life living with my mother and roughly 5 years with Megan, my first reaction was to say a 4-letter word that started with S.  BUT I caught myself and instead just swung at it right as it got to his collar!!! I missed on the first one but knocked it off with the second and then CRUNCH!!! the victory was mine! I did wait just long enough for Elder Parker to get a glimpse of his would-be assassin before I stomped it to the infernal pit! It was epic...haha Mom you literally would have had a heart attack!

We had interviews with President Nelson last week. I LOVE him. He is one of the greatest men on this Earth. He's amazing.

How is everything going back home! I haven't heard anything from Nini so tell her I love her. I'm still expectingb some pictures from the Workmans, and from you guys. So get that taken care of. :) Conference was really good! I loved it! I definitely missed watching on the couch though! In my pajamas! We went to the chapel and watched it! It was great though. President Monson is so funny. I love him so dang much!

I just love you guys so dang much! I hope you got back from the mt safe and sound. I don't really have much else to tell this week! I sent a letter off today too! So you'll get that this week. I love you so much. I'm doing good! I'm learning to rely on my Savior more and more every day. It's not easy being out here sometimes but I'm loving it! I wouldn't trade it for anything!

I love you guys!

September 26, 2011

Hey Family!

So mom got on me for not writing a letter! haha yeah mom it's payback! No, P-Days just get busy. And I write Rachel because I can't email her. So if you don't get a letter every week I'm sorry, but I'll write as much as I can. How is everyone doing? Hows the hunt? Those pictures Uncle Pat sent dad were sweet! I hope to see some pictures of Pops and BJ holding some big ole buckskins!

I forgot to tell you in the email but I got to drive last week! Oh how I missed driving! It felt so good. People here drive CRAZY. It is kind scary haha. They're so rude too. They are constantly honking at each other. I miss the quiet streets of Provo. I have such a new love for home! Those clean quiet streets. Fresh Air. Houses. Yards. Green Grass. White people. Mountains. Oh the mountains! Provo is so beautiful! I met a lady here in Jamaica who knows Blake Roney is because of NuSkin. She works for them or some jazz. She was telling me how nice the people in Provo are. It was funny.

Right now we have some cool investigators. Francisco is still doing good. He still works on Sunday though so we can't really go anywhere until he comes to church. He's so awesome though! Dang work! Then we have the Castellanos. I think I sent a picture of them. They're not doing so good. Miguel (dad) is an alcoholic. And he tells us all week he'll be at church, then doesn't come because he's hung over. And Teresa (mom) just doesn't want to come to our church for some reason. She's got some problems from her childhood that make her kind of a mean person. It's sad. Then we have the Feuntes. They're a cool family! They are married! So that's a plus. No Spanish people are married. It's sad, but they are good! She has a lot of questions! The problem is they didn't come to church and they aren't reading that much! So we'll see. They're close! We got a new investigator yesterday named Nahum. He's pretty cool. He was hesitant at first. We have been trying to find him for like a month but he's never home! Then yesterday by "luck" (spirit) he was outside his house! So we sat down and talked to him about the Book of Mormon. It went really well. He asked us about our church and said he wanted to come check it out. Cool, huh?! We made fun of those churches who worship with rock music, cast out devils, and speak with tongues. haha it was funny. He was going off! He called them a naughty word in Spanish meaning "dumb butts". Thank you Timpview autoshop! haha

So it's going good! We're working hard! I"m tired all the time and it's the best. The mission is an emotional roller coaster! Constantly ups and downs. I'm so glad I'm here. I love it.

Thank you for all your support, Mom and Dad! I love you both so much! I'm sorry for being such a butt-head sometimes. I really am. Thank you for loving me anyways. I owe you guys so much! I love you! Hope all is well!

Love, Matthew Judson Daley

PS - Dad, how did our garden turn out this year?

Week 12

September 5, 2011

Hola Padres!

So...I don't know if I should tell you where my area is ha ha. Cause it's in the HOOD! I'm a legit ghetto preacher!  It's not bad mom, don't worry! I like it. We have two different projects in our area. The South Jamaica Houses and the Baisley Projects. Cool fact about the Baisley projects - the rapper 50 Cent was born and grew up there! He was also shot in my area once haha.  Mom I'm sure I'm giving you a heart attack, it's totally safe. I like it here. For the first time in my life I am the minority! We get ont he bus and 50 black people/Latinos (sometimes) start at you haha. It's cool!

My new companions name is Elder Jake Parker. He is from California. I like him. He's a hard worker and he knows the area really well. It's good. The first full day I was here I got my first baptismal commit. His name is Francisco. He's like 57. I really like him. There's only one problem, he works on Sundays. So he has to talk to his boss to get his schedule changed. So let's keep our fingers crossed!

So I heard BYU beat Ole Miss 14-13! Woo-Hoo! I miss Puma football. That's so legit! I hope they beat Texas! This season could be the season - right pops? Keep me updated! Dad, someone told me the Nets is moving to Brooklyn. Is this true?? Look it up, let me know!

I'm doing good. We walk a lot. All day actually. So that's tiring. On Wednesday we had a dinner appointment at a Dominican family's house. Dominicans are crazy. Let's establish that right now. And they do NOT speak Spanish. They speak Dominican. haha So ya, it's cool. My Dominican is coming along well. The hardest part about Spanish is listening to the Natives they talk fast and mumble. But it's coming!

I love you all so much! Hows the job hunt going Madre? Pops, what's up with Uncle Layne? I want the whole story! So the hunt starts this month right? Yay!

So what happened after I hung up the phone? Did Rachel go right afteR? It was so fun talking to everyone! I am excited for Christmas! I love you!

Love Elder Matthew Daley, Ghetto Preachin in the Projects!