Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week Three - Part Two

July 18th, 2011

Hola Padres!

Como estan? Estoy muy bien! Espanol es deficil pero posible! enough spanish! back to english!

How is everyone? Mom, how is your knee? getting better? I hope so! Is it great to drive by yourself now? I miss cars..haha

Well, spanish is getting a little better. I fell a littler farther behind than others, but it's ok. I pray for the gift of tongues like every second! Heavenly Father is helping me so much. But part of the gift of tongues is working and struggling in the language! So the struggle continues!

Dad, have you been fishing or scouting yet?! The hint is in like 2 months! luck butt.

How is the roof coming? I wish I was there to help you. Make people help, don't do it by yourself!

(ha ha Elder Heaps just told me he's immune to my gas because I've destroyed his sense of smell. :) fun fact :) oh and I now have the record for the loudest far EVER! It woke up the whole room!)

Half our district leaves for the MTC in Guatemala tomorrow. It's sad but good! Oh! I also hold the record for most packages in one day! 3! One for you, the Garlitz's, and Michelle! It was sweet.

So you'll already know this from the email, but I got asked to be the new district leader. So that's pretty cool.

I miss and love you guys so much! Only 5 P-Days left after this and I'm in NY! I'm so excited. I just want to be out there doing it! New York is gonna be perfect. I can't wait!

So Elder Riley Stauffer (?) is a fellow district member. He's from Spanish Fork. We are gonna go to a George Strait concert in 2013 and it's gonna be awesome. He's a cool guy!

Well family, I love you so much. I miss you everyday but this is the most important thing for me right now! I love you guys so much!

Love, Elder Daley - your favorite son!

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