Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week One, Part Three - July 4th

Hi Mom and Dad!

How's everything going at home? How is my room? I miss you guys so much. I know it will get better and I know it'll be worth it!

Mom: How is your knee doing? Are you getting better? What did the doctor say? When do you go back to work? (hopefully never right?) Did you take good care of my phone? What did AT&T say? I love you so much Mom. Keep me in your prayers!

Dad: How is work going? Are you doing ok? I love you Pops! This is going to be so good for our family and the people of New York! Have you gone fishing? Will you call Rachel and take her?! Have you gone scouting yet? Uncle Gary told me some places you could go so you should call him. I think one of them was called Soapstone? Something like that! I miss hunting! Tell the trailer hi for me!

I love you guys so much! Monday is my P-Day so that's when I'll write and email. Instead of emailing me back you can just write on Dear Elder ok? Then I'll have a hard copy of it to keep! I love letters! They are my link to home.

I'm excited to get out of the MTC and into New York. I want to start the real work.

Spanish is hard! It's coming slowly. I pray 20 times a day to learn it.

I love you guys! Keep me in your prayers please. I miss oyu. I can't wait to see you guys. 23 more fast Sundays!! I love you! I hope you guys liked my email :) I am one funny guy!

Love, Matthew (Gift from God) Elder Daley

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