Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week 7 - what to say what to say

August 15th, 2011

what's up familia?!! how goes it?? so another week came and went!
i can't believe it! it seems like just yesterday i was emailing
you last week! times going by pretty fast! i only have 2 weeks left!

so i believe that today is Megan's birthday...! so happy
birthday megs!! i love you!!!!! i would've wrote you but i
didn't get a letter from you... i know you're busy though so
it's ok! 

where to begin... YOU AND DAD ARE PRIMARY TEACHERS??? i
am baffled. haha you lucky butts! does dad get to go to primary and
sharing time!! dang, why am i missing this! good luck! i better get
some letters from the young men/young women or something! haha. 

so at
gym, we have been playing herraduras!!! or horseshoes. ya it's
pretty great. reminds me of up at the property!! i'm pretty good.
tell uncle layne to watch out!! seeing as he's 50 now!

glad you remembered the package for new york. i don't know about
the winter clothes stuff. it's whatever you think! just make sure
it gets there! we get our travel plans this week!! what is up! i'm
so excited. i imagine our plane is going to leave quite early in the
morning though. :) nothing new seeing as i get up at 630 everyday! so
ya. i wrote in my letter to send me a phone card so i can call from
the airport. our branch president says it's ok! i got the carry
on today! thank you momma. so i just noticed that the missionary mall
sent the different type of suitcase to me! the ones we bought the
first time then exchanged you know? but it's ok.. it'll work. 

so about my shoulder and back. it's getting better! i had a
strained rotator cuff, i believe i sent this last week. he said
it's just gonna take time to heal. so i'm just resting it. i
don't have anymore appointments at PT tho. it was taking up my
study time so we decided it would just take a couple weeks to get
back to normal. i am getting fat i think. :( my abs are slowly but
surely disappearing! sigh... oh well. i need to start doing some
daggum work out. everyone will be pleased to know that my chest hair
is coming in!!! so eat that cory and brad. haha i'm not very
happy actually. i'm going to be hairy i can tell. yikes! 

so i saw
the towseys and wilda christensen last week! so you could ask them how
i looked! brother towsey is in a branch presidency now! so i got to
chat for a minute. that was pretty cool.

oh! so you can send a
couple new ties in the package for new york! an elder can never have
enough ties!

i am running out of things to say! i'm sorry. after
7 weeks of doing the same exact thing you kind of run out of things
to say! but my spanish is getting better everyday! i like it. i need
to be better at speaking it throughout the day. and my teaching is
improving a lot! i'm excited to get to new york and start the
real stuff! we'll be there for the 10th anniversary of september
11th! i'm so excited for general conference too! it's gonna
be sweet!

i love you family! i'm sorry my emails are kind of
lame. they'll get so much better i promise!! i love you. write me
letters!!!!! i hope everyone is doing good! until next week!    

 ~Elder Matthew Daley aka El Gringo!!!!!!!!! 

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