Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 8 - holy cow!!!

August 22nd, 2011

how is everyone? i'm doing good! i'm so excited for new york! it is coming so fast! so
how is everyone doing? what's going on in the daley home? amber get's married pretty soon right? i bet that is stressing megan out! 

so guess what! i had to give a talk in sacrament meeting on sunday! in spanish!!!! haha let's just say i nailed it! 

so i am still waiting for those pictures dad said were on the way! maybe they will get here today! 

so about the dear elders. they don't come on saturdays. so you have to have them done on friday or else i get them on monday! so that's probably why i didnt' respond last week.

is nikki still dating that guy? i just had that thought the other day. let me know. 

the bow hunt started on saturday! has uncle layne killed a deer yet? i expect a picture. 

oh mom, could you possibly send me like a 3x4 picture of president monson that's laminated?
visual aides are the best! thank you! i can't believe this is my last week. we meet at the travel office at 5 am on monday then our flight leaves at 830 in the morning! pretty exciting. we fly straight to JFK. 

so i don't have anything to say. the mtc is so uneventful hahaha. honestly. i swear that my emails and letters will get better when i get to new york! this week we have infield orientation all day
on friday then our pday is on saturday. so i will email and write on saturday this week. make sure all letters are sent so i'll get them before saturday. 

so we are allowed to call home from the airport if we have time. and i just wanted to get your opinion mom. do you want to do it? it would be pretty short probably. let me know what you want to do. i was thinking that if we did it rachel could sleepover so she could be there too. let me know you think. if so i'll need a phone card. but it's pretty exciting. 

how is primary going?? i heard the westmorelands moved. tell tommie congrats on his calling!! he'll be so good! i talked to sister ellis at the temple today, saw sister critchfield i believe, and talked to scott smith for a minute! he said he talked to you a couple weeks ago. the temple was really good today. we did a session this week. i loved it.

this is my last week as a zone leader. it's crazy think that we are all the oldest elders right now and in a week we will be FRESH!!! haha. it's kind of scary. my spanish is no where near where i wish it was haha! it will be an experience! i'm excited though. the big apple! i'm excited. two months has gone by pretty fast for me! has it seemed fast for you? i know the lord is blessing all of us.

how is the family book of mormon reading going?? i expect a report!! every good missionary follows up on commitments! 

how did cory's test go? have they found out any results yet? i haven't heard from them for a while. give lukey a big hug for me! i miss him. he's such a cutie. i have a picture of him in my scriptures and i show him off a lot! haha he's just so cute! 

we got a new branch councelor last week. brother Mosher. they live in springville. small world,
brother ellis works for/with (not sure which) brother sitterud, our other councelor. him and his wife got called to be the MTC presidents in spain! what a cool mission! haha he used to be in the 70. he's a cool guy. and our branch president is just a man of power. he reminds me a lot of donald trump. haha i love him. he gets down to business!! 

well family i love you so much. i have been reading in 3 nephi this week. what powerful scripture. learning the gospel right out of the mouth of Jesus Christ. how lucky are we that we have the
book of mormon in our lives???

i'm so excited to get to new york and start sharing the gospel! this is so exciting! i love you! i'll email again on saturday. mom if you have any emergency thoughts about stuff i forgot or something you can call the front desk and they'll relay the message.

i love you! write me!! love you! read the BOM together! 

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