Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 11 - still GHETTO

hey family! how is it going?? i'm doing good! this week was exhausting though! but some cool stuff happened. 

so first of all you need to tell dave that we got blinds hung in our apartment and they are not hunter douglas! it's a shame haha. i helped the senior couple hang them because i'm so experienced... haha it made me miss working with dave! so make sure and tell them hi for me! 

so this week we taught francisco (guy with baptism commit) about the word of wisdom. we were just stopping over to say hi and then elder parker just thought we should teach it so we did. and francisco told us that he likes his coffee. but then he's like "i guess you have to sacrifice for the lord. and if i have the coffee maker here it'll be a tempation, so you can take it." so now we have our very own coffee maker! it was so legit. God prepared him. he's so ready. the only problem is that he works on sundays. so he has to talk to his boss to get his schedule changed. so keep your fingers crossed!
oh also this week as we were walking to the grocery store something cool happened. some crazy guy told us, "walk with faith brothers! for the armies of Christ are with us! the library of Christ has over 400 books and the mormons only add to that!" then walked away. it was pretty motivating haha. then we crossed the street and this police officer like 20 yards away tells us to stop and wait right there. and there's a stretcher on the side walk next to him. next thing i know 8 NYPD's are carrying out this black bag with 2 feet sticking out the bottom of it. so of course i think it's a body bag right? NOPE! dude starts squirming and cussing haha. it was crazy. and as they wheeled him by this huge cop turns to me and says, "you guys need to talk to him. maybe he can find Jesus!" and then we all laughed. it was cool. 

on one of our corners, 109th and guy brewer blvd, is pretty ghetto. it's a sketchy corner. but we have a friend over there named eric. he's probably early 40's and he used to sell drugs on that corner haha. but he's so cool. if he
sees us walking he always yells at us and comes and talks to us and buys us a water at the corner store. he's sweet. he told us if we ever have trouble that he'd "take care of it." so yeah, i'm pretty legit now. (this comment is aimed at cory and megan ;) haha)
me and elder parker are getting along really well and we have a lot of fun! we have found some pretty cool new investigators this week. 
i am getting fat :( the spanish people feed us way too much! i leave every single dinner appointment feeling like i'm going to throw up haha. but it's good. the spanish culture is definitely different! they are very laid back which i like. but it's different. they're very humble! i'm glad that i have the opportunity (i can't remember how to spell that in english) to learn spanish! me gusta espanol mucho! a veces no es facil pero es posible! porque yo tengo la ayuda del senor!

i hope all is going well back home! i miss everybody! mom what's up with the job search? any news? how is all that going? poppa, i'm glad to hear the roof is almost done and that the hunt is soon! i better be getting some
pictures soon! how is work going for you? i hope its ok. have you gone in to dr. marshall and had a diabetic check up? i had that thought the other day that you should go get one if you haven't. so let me know.

mom, so the rule is that i'm only supposed to email family. so i don't know i don't know if they can send
me emails or not? ya. 

and ya i have no idea where my shirts are. i'm baffled. it's possible that elder heaps could have them.. i'll call him this week and ask. so don't buy any yet. i can get by.

 OH! THIS IS IMPORTANT. i don't think i did anything with my us bank account before i left, and i don't know what i need to do? can you ask cory to check on it? we could probably just close it because i don't use it? i don't know. could you ask him? thank you!

i love you! ok you can add also into the next package a bottle of nutella :) i just love you so much! haha. how is the family book of mormon reading going???? i am still waiting for an answer! so i will expect a report next week. and i would really like to suggest that everyone read the september ensign! it's all about strengthening eternal marriage! it was a great issue!

did the bishop say anything about me serving in jamaica? that's where he visits! mom i'm glad that you aren't worrying! cause honestly, there is nothing to worry about! i don't ever feel scared! well i love you guys so much!!!!!!!! 

i miss you but i'm having fun and doing SO good! except i miss byu football!!!! i was so pumped that byu won
their first game, and sad they lost to texas. (the senior couple that lives next door, the rasmussens, kept me updated haha ;) so dad, make sure you email me the byu scores ok? thanks!

i love you so much! this church is true! we are the only ones with authority! i love the book of mormon so much. i love being here serving the lord! i love you! thank you so much for your support and your help!!! i love you!
until next week! 

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