Sunday, December 4, 2011

November 7, 2011

yes!!! i get 10 on my envelope!!! i'm really practicing haha. if you think the mailman wonders about your envelopes you should see rachels!!! haha :) i'm so cute!!! 

that's awesome about Judson! i can't wait to meet him. i haven't heard from the
workmans. tell them to write me a gosh dern letter!!! 

that is so cool that brad was the lead manager!! he's such a smart guy. good for
him! i hope he's doing good. he emailed me last week finally! it
made me so happy! 

luke is so cute! haha i can just see him saying paxtons whole name. luke is the cutest kid. i can't wait to get back and see him! i will make a seperate email for the pictures, i didn't know it would effect it. 

it's funny that you mentioned the temple. we had stake conference and the Manhattan temple president spoke. i could feel the spirit so strong when he was
talking about the temple. and i think you and poppa need to make a time where you go. like once a month or something. ya know? it's so important that we go often! so you and dad make a time ok? and go together!   

mother, i'm not worrying about you. i just like hearing what's going on. all i get is mission misison mission. i need some real world! i didn't even know it was daylights savings! i just need some real life ya know? like your fishing trip!
what happened with that. you like to hear about me and i like to hear about you :)

find out the info about the kid coming here. that's really cool! he'll have an interesting experience!! that's so awesome. this is the best mission in the world!!

i'm excited for a package :):) also some christmas music would be great and that cd by steven sharp nelson called sacred cello. you can take the money out of my account ok? any of that would be great! 

yes mommy we eat great. the spanish people feed us like crazy!! i know what cory meant about beans and rice though... oh so much beans and rice haha   

this week we got a baptismal date with maria fuentes! she told her husband that she doesn't like the church he goes to cause they ask you for money all the time and she's never going there again!! then she told us that she wants to get baptized in our church!!! yay! she's really cool. her date is the 20th. so
i'm hoping!! hopefully we don't run into any problems with the husband. she just has to come to church the next 2 weeks and she's going in the water!! yay!! we don't really have anyone else really close. but we are working with some good people that will just take time!   

i love you so much! i'm doing good! the branch here is great. i love the members. they are all converts. its cool to see how young the church is. tell bishop svendson to count his blessings cause the branch president has been in for 9 years! haha crazy! 

well i've gotta get running. i love you so much!! i'm not sure if i'll get a chance to write this week but next week for sure!

love you!

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