Sunday, December 4, 2011

November 28, 2011

hi mommy!! how is it going?? 

well my thanksgiving didn't really feel like thanksgiving honestly! i missed grandma wagners!!!! but it was still a pretty good day. we ate at a members house that night. they made a turkey but we didn't even have mashed potatoes :(!! dang spanish people haha. it was good though. then we sat in their living room and sang hymns while my companion played his ukilali. it was fun! then we had a little activity where we wrote things we were thankful for. it was fun. 

i'm excited to call for christmas! that'll be good to talk to everyone. 

me and dad have done our share of black friday shopping! i'm not suprised he said
no. actually i am. ronald you bum!! ;) haha a smart phone for 96 cents! that's cool! so is the contract still with at&t or is it verizon??   

that's cool about allie. what a special experience.

tell deb and diane happy birthday for me! and tell them all to write me!  

so do they know when they tabernacle temple is going to get started/finished?? that's going to be so cool!  

so the pitbull. i'm sure i was being protected but i also think the dog had some common sense that if it would have bit me, it would've hurt him a lot more than it hurt me ;) haha and we didn't see the dog until we were in front of the house already. and the poeple were on their porch. so i thought they would've had a little common sense but that was apparently too much to ask for! haha. it's good though.
my new companion is elder crowley and he's from michigan. he has been out on his mission for almost 18 months so he's an oldy. he's cool i like him a lot! he's
a little weird but heck, so am i!!! hahaha. we are getting a long good though. we teach really well together. so i'm excited for this transfer! 

that is kinda funny/sad that lukey asked rachel where i was! i miss that little boy! i'm glad you got to see her though! she's the best :) i like her. 

i haven't gotten a letter from you mom... and i'll probably get the package this week. thank you so much for sending me stuff! you're the best! and thank you for
all the pictures and everything. i love you guys! thank you. 

did sister alarcon add you on facebook mom? we put up her christmas tree the other day and she wanted to send you a picture. she's really cool.  

the first councelor in our branch presidency, celso, has been here for 11 years. and his wife is in guatemala. so he hasnt' seen her for 11 years! or his kids! and he is finally moving back in april. but he is going to go to utah first for like a
week and go to general conference. maybe you could meet him! he's the best. he helps us teach so much. he's amazing.   

so that's about it!!! i love you guys so much!! thank your for everything! have a great week!!! love you!

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