Sunday, December 4, 2011

November 21, 2011

well hello there!!! how's everything going this week?
it's weird to think that it's the holidays again... i will miss all our traditions!! for thanksgiving we are working like normal haha. then going over to a members house for dinner. we'll see how it turns out. it will not be a jean wagner/linda daley/virginia daley thanksgiving though. that's for sure! 
i'm looking forward to the package! thanks for doing that mom. i really appreciate it! you guys are the best! thanks for finding my face mask too. i just have a feeling that will come in handy. :) the wind blows here a lot so that's what really makes it cold. 
i think regular christmas carols would be fine cause one elder has a cd where motab is just singing christmas carols? the rule is just anything that you can feel the spirit listening too. and doesn't dull the spirit with it's beat and tempo ya know? 
so i am staying in south jamaica for another transfer! i get a new companion tomorrow.... wish me luck... haha. i'll make sure and tell you about him next week. but ya! 
that's really cool about brooke! i actually had written down to ask about her! i bet gary and sheila are thrilled. it sounds like you have a ton of stuff going on
haha! good luck at your expo!   
that's sweet that you heard from jet blue! do you think you answered the questions
well? is that the job you want to get? that would be fun for you and dad to be able to go fly somewhere for free! 
ok you wanted some experiences... well i feel like i haven't really had these grand spiritual experiences ya know? it's more just been the "right place right time" experiences. but i realized that that is the spirit!! there is no such thing as coincidence! there have been times when we've gotten off the bus and the person we were going to see was walking right there leaving their house. if we would have been 30 seconds later they would've disappeared ya know? the spirit puts us in the right places at the right times. 
oh and last week i almost got attacked by a pit bull... hahah these ghetto people just left their gate open and the dog was out and it was really aggressive. it
kept running past us barking and growling. and it kept running in and out of their yard. so we just kept like slowly walking cause we had to get by. and all of the sudden when we got past the gate the dog shoots out growling and goes for the back of my leg!! but for some reason his head just like rammed my leg instead of biting me! it was pretty cool... there are some scary dogs in this city hahaha :) so yeah. that's about it! next week i'll have more to talk about!!! oh mom is there anyway you could send me the piano sheet music for "where are you christmas" by faith hill? maybe you could ask sister messenger or sister beeston? thanks!! 
i love you so much! hope all is well! have an amazing thanksgiving! have fun with rachel too! i love you!!!!

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