Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week 6 - aaaaaaahhh yeah

August 8th, 2011

What up family?

So week six is almost complete! Can you believe it! i cant. but at the same time i can! so, let's start off with some questions! what has happened with megan. she has gone camping more in the last two months than she has like....ever! i love it! and lucas shot his first gun! following in my footsteps! what a cutie! anybody been up to the property lately??? i better start seeing some deer pictures!! 

ok, so brad, or megan, or rachel. someone. i need you to get on my facebook and print me off some of my

hunting pictures. this week!!!! please!!!! i want the one where i'm holding up the coyote, holding one of the rabbits (christmas/hunting photo album), all of my deer kill pictures please!! one of each, and possibly the ones where we are skinning out jakes elk! please do that for me! no one believes that i am a redneck!
so today i whipped out my belt buckle and started revealing my true self. and i need my pictures!! i met an elder from colorado and we talked hunting for a while! it was great!! so send those :) 

did my mission plaque get made?? how does it look? i want a picture of it! 
this week was a pretty easy week. tomorrow we will be the oldest district! cool huh! wednesday we will get a new district. unfortunately no one that i know! but 3 of them are going to my mission! so that's awesome!! 

OH MY GOSH. ok failure. no one told me that amber was getting married!! so.... thanks! haha i'll
forgive you this time, but i expect to know things like this! that's exciting for her!

how is the roof dad? have you almost got 
it done? have brother cook come and help you! 

did you guys talk to tommie for me? i hope so. i need some letters from him! how is ninny. i need to write her a letter. uncle layne's hunt starts soon right? that's pretty cool. i'm so jealous that i'm not going to be there! i expect some daggum pictures! and i expect him to shoot a monster! 

so an update on my back. my rib is doing a lot better. i learned how to pop it back into place with a chair so that helps. but i hurt my shoulder playing volleyball. did i tell you this? anyway, it was a pretty good game and i was SMASHING the ball, as usual. but i hurt my rotator cuff, same thing as when i hurt it playing baseball. but it's getting better. i'm not supposed to play volleyball anymore... i still do, just left handed. don't tell anyone! :) 

any news about the line of authority? thanks for doing that ma! 

so me and elder stauffer are going to attend george strait in 2013. so i don't know exactly when they release the tour schedule but if someone could research that that'd be great ;).

oh! who loved my envelope??? i hope you did mom. cause i worked hard on it! plenty more where that came from! haha 

i haven't heard anything from aunt jen! when do they leave??? tell her to write me!! 

spanish is coming better every day! there is just so much to remember. but it's good! i love it. it's fun. it's going to be a shocker when we get to new york tho!! being a zone leader is good. it's fun helping the new districts out. 

dad are you and brad going to buy muzzle loaders?? 

oh my gosh! why did the rockies trade ubaldo??? ugh. who did they get for him? i hope someone good. 

i'm running out of things to say. testimony meeting yesterday was great! i love sharing my testimony in spanish. it's fun. the spirit was strong. 

well i love you guys!! i hope everyone is doing well! send me those pictures ok :) thank you! oh i sent some pictures and the memory card to rachel so she could download the pictures on her computer and
then you guys can download them somewhere. is the computer fixed???
anyway, so get with her and she'll give you the pictures.

i said goodbye to alex yesterday. it was fine until he started crying and then of course i had to cry too! it was hard but he'll be a great missionary. i know it!

i love you guys! write me!!   
love, Elder Daley aka "el gringo"

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